RMC No. 93-2019

Amends the answer to question no. 2 of Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 85-2018 relative to the issuance of Electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration in the transfer of real properties

RMC No. 92-2019

Publishes the full text of the RA No. 11346 entitled “An Act Increasing the Excise Tax on Tobacco Products Imposing Excise Tax on Heated Tobacco Products and Vapor Products, Increasing …

RMO No. 47-2019

Modifies and drops the Alphanumeric Tax Code (ATC) on Final Withholding Tax on amounts withdrawn from decedent’s deposit account and Excise Tax on the performance of services on invasive cosmetic …

RMC No. 90-2019

Notifies the loss of a duplicate copy from one (1) unused set of BIR Form No. 2524 (Revenue Official Receipt)